Bosiano Ice Roller for Face & Eye Puffiness Relief 2Pcs, Ice Face Roller Skin Care Product Relieve Migraine, Wrinkle, Pores, Facial Ice Roller for Face and Eye-Enhance Blood Circulation (Pink+Purple)



? Buy a Set - 1) Freeze two ice roller at the same time, you can immediately use another one while the using one is not cold anymore. 2) One ice roller for face, one for body, is more hygienic to buy a set. 3) You can share one with your family, lover, and friends. ? Bosiano Face Ice Roller - Ice roller for face & eye puffiness relief can speed up blood circulation, eliminate skin problems, relieve fatigue. It's also a good eye roller for puffy eyes and dark circles. Perform better than glow cube ice roller for face and eye or ice for face. ? Ice Face Roller Skin Care - Ice Facial roller massager help relieve puffiness, facial redness, remove wrinkle. Relieve migraines, sinus pain and TMJ pain. Using cold face rollers for the long term can tighten skin, regain elasticity, freeze your skin age and make you look younger than peers. ? Premium Facial Ice Roller Set - Special 2 Pcs ice face roller sell in 1 pack! High-quality face rollers at an affordable price. The handle is made of sturdy ABS plastic, the roller is made of high-quality silicone. Face massager roller with brand new vibrant colors - Pink & Purple. ? At-Home Massage with Face Massager Roller - When you wake up in the morning and feel puffiness on the face and eye, use this ice face roller massager, the cold therapy can quickly promote blood circulation, eliminate skin problems, make you radiant the whole day.


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